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We are driven by fire. Back in the sixties our engineers built the first Maerz lime shaft kilns with a lot of passion, thus laying the foundation for our success. Thanks to numerous innovative milestones we were able to strengthen our position as world market leader.
In so doing we demand the highest standards of quality from ourselves. This goes down well with our customers: Maerz kilns are in operation in over 600 plants in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our continued success over more than half a century is built on a simple common denominator: Passion. It drives us to improve even further, every day.
As the world’s no. 1 lime kiln manufacturer, we could just sit back and relax. Not us. We want to outdo ourselves – for our customers, whom we thank for our success.
To achieve this, no effort is too great.


December 2019 issue of “Insight Lime” published

It is true that plant size helps to optimise production costs. This was the spirit behind Liuzhou Iron & Steel’s project in P.R. China for 6 × 600 tpd kilns, which were successfully commissioned and are now in operation and living up to their promises. These considerations were also the driving force behind Tangshan Gangyuan Metallurgical and Furnace Co. Ltd.’s project, where we will initially install 5 x 800 tpd Maerz PFR kilns on a greenfield basis.

It is important, however, to also invest in new developments and further optimisation of our products: the new design of our C-series of circular PFR kilns combines all the know-how and experience we have gathered in recent years. The up-to-date design not only implements process relevant features such as a conical refractory lining, but also allows an easy upgrade in the future with a firing system for a second fuel without having to modify the existing installation.

We are also proud to introduce our hybrid PFR kiln technology to you, which we presented for the first time at the International Lime Association’s conference in Buenos Aires. This advancement of the PFR principle permits controlling lime reactivity (medium and hard-burnt), still maintaining a thermal efficiency very close to a PFR kiln’s efficiency and thereby not only saving your money but also CO2 emissions coming from the fuel. It further allows you to produce soft, medium or hard-burnt lime according to market demands with ultimate flexibility.

Finally, there is of course our roundup on new projects which were awarded to us with one very important addition from the cement industry: Anhui Conch Cement, one of the largest cement groups in P.R. China, recently built two of our CemCat High-Dust SCR plants for the denitrification of the rotary kilns’ off-gases. Both plants were recently commissioned and meet the strict requirements for emission limits imposed by the Chinese Environmental Authorities.

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Daesung MDI Inc., a company with a rich history, was founded in the 1960s and started off its business operating different limestone and dolomite mines. It continues to grow and to add new products to its portfolio.

The summer of 2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history, when Daesung MDI signed a first contract with Maerz Ofenbau AG for a modern coal-fired rectangular Maerz PFR kiln with a daily capacity of 200 tons of burnt lime. The kiln, processing limestone with a grain size of 45 – 80 mm, was successfully installed and is now operating to the customer’s utmost satisfaction.

In the spring of 2017 the project for the second coal-fired rectangular Maerz PFR kiln with a daily capacity of 300 tons of burnt lime began. This kiln processes limestone with a grain size of 25 – 55 mm.

Daesung MDI once again successfully installed the second kiln, thus achieving a milestone in its history and gaining importance in the lime industry. The plant called “Limechem Center” is up and running, operating with different limestone grain sizes and producing good quality lime.

On 16 October 2019, Daesung MDI held a perfectly organised ceremony to commemorate the completion of the lime plant at its Gangwon-Do Limechem Center. Some 200 guests, from officials to local contractors, Korean lime producers and many others were invited to share this joyous occasion. We at Maerz thank Daesung MDI’s Chairman for the hospitality we were able to enjoy on this memorable day.

by Christian Stampfli


In 2016 and 2018 Caleras San Juan S.A., domiciled in the San Juan Province, Argentina, placed two orders with Maerz Ofenbau AG for the supply of engineering, license, know-how, equipment as well as technical assistance services during erection, commissioning and start-up of two Maerz PFR lime shaft kilns, a stationary crushing plant as well as a roller mill grinding plant for petcoke at the client’s Los Berros lime plant.

The new kilns of the rectangular type E5 will process limestone and dolomite with a grading of 44 – 110 mm and will produce 2 x 300 tons of burnt lime per day. Both natural gas and petrol coke dust will be used as fuel.

Both projects were financed with international credits from Europe accompanied by a Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV). A large number of meetings, beginning in 2003, with a continuation in 2011 and then becoming very intense from 2013, led to the desired success. Now the first kiln and the crushing plant have been operating successfully since September 2018 and the second kiln including the grinding plant for petcoke will follow by the middle of next year.

by Borislav Vladic


In July 2019 our customer Easternbulk Lime Products Private Ltd set up and commissioned its first lime kiln. This project in the south of India in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, is a joint venture between Easternbulk Trading and Shipping Private Limited and our well renowned customer Chememan Public Company Limited in Thailand. This is the first of two E2 150 tpd kilns in India, which are supported from Chememan Thailand. The plant is located in the SIPCOT industrial region of Tuticorin.

This E2 Maerz 2-shaft lime kiln is coal fired and has a capacity of 150 tpd. Maerz supplied engineering and key equipment. With Maerz technical assistance and experienced Chememan personnel, the lime kiln was successfully commissioned and ignited in June 2019 and is now in commercial operation.

by Christopher Schneider


Not far away from the Sonora desert, in the same-named federal state of Mexico, two Maerz kilns erected in 2009 and 2014 are performing to the complete satisfaction of their owner Mexicana de Cobre. This year our customer demonstrated its confidence in Maerz technology by ordering a third Maerz kiln for its lime plant.

Near the town Agua Prieta on a picturesque plateau more than 1,300 m a.s.l., the customer’s engineers are preparing the ground for the new kiln of the circular R4S type, which will process limestone with a grading of 60 – 110 mm and will produce 600 tons of burnt lime per day.

This kiln project marks an important milestone for Mexicana de Cobre enabling it to cope with the increasing demand for lime in its mining business. Our customer is the number one copper producer in Mexico and the fourth largest copper producer worldwide.
The order includes the supply of engineering, license, know-how, equipment as well as technical assistance services during erection, commissioning and start-up of the Maerz PFR lime shaft kiln at the customer’s lime plant. Natural gas will be used as fuel. Maerz’s equipment supply comprises the following main items:
• Suspended cylinders
• Process air blowers with electric motors
• Electric, measuring and control system for the lime kiln
• Firing system for natural gas, including the start-up burner equipment
• Hydraulic equipment
• Limestone skip hoist winch, including the pertinent electrical measuring and control equipment
• Air blast units
• Refractory materials
Maerz’s specialised technicians will assist with hot commissioning and acceptance test runs on the lime kiln and the associated equipment.

by Iassen Raykov


Abinsk Electric Steel Works Ltd., domiciled in Abinsk, Krasnodar Region, Russia, placed an order for the supply of engineering, license, know-how, equipment and technical assistance services during commissioning and start-up of a Maerz PFR lime shaft kiln as well as the limestone and lime handling systems designed by Parget Makina Ltd., based in Ankara, Turkey.

This new double shaft lime kiln of the rectangular type E2 will calcine limestone with gradings of 20 – 40 mm and 55 – 100 mm respectively and will produce more than 160 tons of lime per day, using natural gas as fuel. Commissioning is scheduled for the middle of 2020.

The supply of this new lime plant is a cooperation between the companies Parget Makina Ltd. from Ankara, Turkey, and Maerz Ofenbau AG.

by Heinz Studer

GENUINE SWISSNESS. As most Swiss, we don’t like to push ourselves into the limelight. We are content knowing that we are well-known and our kilns are in demand throughout the world. To date we have built more than 600 plants for customers in over 60 countries. To make our customers happy we gladly go the extra mile.
That’s genuine Swissness.


Every year, more than 300 million tons of lime and dolomite are being calcined world-wide. 
A lot of it in Maerz Kilns.

For over 3000 years, burnt lime has been a basic material in the construction business. Today, it is also an important component for the chemical industry, agriculture and especially for the steel industry. Maerz kilns calcine the largest share of the amount needed worldwide – more than kilns from any other manufacturer. There are good reasons for the success that Maerz kilns enjoy: Highest efficiency. Lowest energy consumption. Broad range of kiln types. Individual solutions depending on location, raw material and available fuel. Maerz’ portfolio comprises all modern kiln types.

WHY SO MUCH OF THE WORLD’S LIMESTONE IS BURNT IN MAERZ KILNS. For over 60 years we have been passionately devoted to the technology of Iimestone calcination. A technology, which we have continuously enhanced. With the result that today a large portion of the burnt lime produced worldwide comes from our customers. For their success we always go the extra mile.
And we will continue to do so.


Maerz’ customer service operates just as impeccably as its kilns do. Globally.

Maerz supports its customers in different ways – anytime, fast and everywhere. Also after the commissioning of a turnkey plant. These are the services Maerz offers:

NO STONE IS LIKE ANOTHER. NO CUSTOMER EITHER. We have only become the world’s number 1 for lime kilns because each customer is our number 1. Whatever our customers’ request, we always see it as an opportunity to better ourselves. Therefore we work a little harder than necessary, from our offer to our servicing, to keep our customers satisfied.
That’s who we are.


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