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Chememan Public Company Ltd., Thailand, operating several Maerz PFR and HPS Kilns for a number of years, and Maerz Ofenbau AG signed a contract for the construction of another Maerz HPS (High Performance Single Shaft) Kiln to be erected in Saraburi, Thailand. The new single shaft kiln of the H4-1D type will process limestone with a grading of 20 to 45 mm to produce more than 200 tons of burnt lime per day, using coal dust as fuel. The kiln is suitable to operate at approx. 60 % of its nominal capacity without a noticeable drop in lime quality.

According to the terms of the contract, Chememan will partly re-use Maerz engineering from HPS kiln No. 1. Maerz will provide know-how and license and will supply additional and updated engineering, material and equipment, as well as technical advice and assistance services during hot commissioning and the acceptance test run on the new lime kiln plant.

Maerz’s scope of material supply includes the following main items:

• Steel structure for the kiln shaft
• Limestone charging and weighing system, including the skip winch
• Process air blowers with electric motors
• Coal firing system, including side burner equipment
• Hydraulic system
• Electric, measuring and control equipment for the lime kiln
• Lime discharge device
• Refractory materials (optional)

Erection of the plant will be performed with local contractors. Commissioning of the kiln plant and start of commercial quality lime production is scheduled for 8 to 10 months from the effective date of the contract.