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Building a new plant is a highly complex task. With us by your side, you will successfully reach your goal.

3D kiln model

Our plants - as diverse as the needs of our customers

Thanks to the modular design of our plants, we can implement both standard solutions and customer-specific requirements in a timely manner. It does not matter whether it is a new plant or the conversion of an existing plant. Criteria such as the location, the choice of fuel and other customer-specific requirements flow into our engineering.

By complying with current standards and using calculation tools for statics as well as for FEM analyses, we can vouch for the safety and longevity of our plants. For the implementation of the design, we rely on modern CAD systems, which enable us to create our drawings and documents precisely and efficiently.

The specialists at Maerz Ofenbau AG have many years of experience in the design of kilns and hydration plants. Through close contact with our customers as well as our suppliers, we know their needs and how to satisfy them consistently.