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Building a new plant is a highly complex task. With us by your side, you will successfully reach your goal.

3D kiln model

Our plants run 365 days a year - fully automatically

A state-of-the-art control system that ensures monitoring, control and data collection enables the full automation of our plants. The user is guided through all phases of the production process and supported by our software. Our goal is to ensure the highest possible availability and a flawless process of the plant. The quality of the quicklime or hydrated lime is directly dependent on this and of central importance for our customers.

Possible risks for the plant operation are evaluated and analysed in advance by means of a risk analysis and flow into the design of the plant and the software. All our software products meet the highest safety requirements and are continuously developed according to the latest state of the art.

The specialists at Maerz Ofenbau AG have years of experience in the design of software programmes and visualisations and know what is needed for the successful operation of a lime plant.