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Fassa S.r.l., domiciled in Spresiano (TV), Italy, and Maerz Ofenbau AG signed a contract for the supply of engineering, license, Knowhow and equipment for revamping the 400 tpd natural gas /wood fired MAERZ Lime Shaft Kiln built by Maerz some fifteen years ago at the client’s Ceraino (VR) plant.

Within the contractual scope of equipment and services, Maerz will supply basic and detailed engineering as well as key equipment for the following kiln components:

• Limestone charging system
• Natural gas firing system
• Wood dust firing system
• Electric, measuring and control system

After revamping, the Maerz PFR Kiln of the rectangular type E6 will produce more than 350 tons of burnt lime or dolomite per day, processing limestone and dolomitic stone with grain sizes between 40 and 80 mm or similar, using natural gas and/or wood dust as fuels.

Furthermore, Fassa and Maerz signed a contract for the erection of another Maerz PFR kiln in Fassa’s Ceraino di Dolcé (VR) lime plant.

The new Maerz PFR kiln of the circular type R1P with a nominal capacity of 300 tons of burnt lime per day will process limestone with gradings of 30 to 60 mm and 40 to 80 mm resp., using natural gas and wood dust as fuels. Firing with 100 % natural gas, 100 % wood dust and a mixture of both fuels will be possible.

Maerz’s scope of supply for the new kiln plant includes engineering, license, knowhow, materials and equipment as well as technical assistance services. The material and equipment supply mainly comprises process air blowers with motors, firing systems for natural gas and wood dust, hydraulic system and the electric, measuring and control system.

Local contractors will carry out erection work for the plant under the supervision of the client. Commissioning and start-up of the kiln is scheduled for approx. 11 months from the effective date of the contract.