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The CO2 challenge

Climate change is becoming increasingly visible. With the further development of our kiln systems, we are making a contribution to reducing emissions and thus coming one step closer to the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 - climate-neutral by 2050.

green footprint

An important step: renewable fuels

A variety of renewable fuels , such as biogenic fuels made from waste products from agriculture and the timber industry, are already available today. What they all have in common is that the CO2 emissions generated by their combustion are considered to be climate-neutral. Through their use, the amount of CO2 subject to emissions trading is reduced from approx. 1 t to approx. 0.8 t per tonne of quicklime - still a fifth less than in kilns operated with fossil fuels.

Maerz Ofenbau AG offers a wide range of technical solutions for using renewable fuels. Also on existing kilns!

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