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CemCat® SCR plants

Every combustion process produces nitrogen oxides which are harmful to our health and the environment. Therefore, in the cement and lime industry in particular, it may be necessary to use catalysts for the denitification of exhaust gases.

CemCat high dust SCR system for cement kilns

The less the better

Under the CemCat® brand, Maerz offers systems for reducing NOx emissions to one tenth of the NOx content in the exhaust gas for the cement and lime industry. These systems are based on SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) and achieve significantly higher separation efficiencies than conventional SNCR systems (selective non-catalytic reduction), in which only an ammonia solution is injected into the exhaust gas stream.

CemCat® focuses on systems for high-dust applications, in which the catalyst is directly charged with the hot exhaust gas from the top cyclone stage of a cement rotary kiln. This not only allows a compact design and thus the retrofitting of existing cement plants, but also avoids reheating the exhaust gases after they have passed through dedusting systems in order to again reach the temperature range for optimal efficiency of the catalyst.

These SCR systems can also be used, whenever necessary, in a greatly reduced design for lime kilns. Here, too, Maerz makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment.