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Kalcit Ltd., domiciled in Slivnitsa, Bulgaria, placed an order with Maerz Ofenbau AG for the supply of engineering, license, know-how, equipment as well as technical assistance services during erection, commissioning and start-up for a Maerz PFR lime shaft kiln. The new kiln of the rectangular type E2 with a nominal capacity of 100 tons of quicklime per day will process limestone with a grading of 40 to 80 mm. Natural gas will be used as fuel. All ancillary kiln equipment, such as the firing system, process air blowers, etc. will allow production rates between 75 and 150 tons of lime per day, with the quality of the lime produced meeting the contractual quality at all times.

Maerz’s equipment supply comprises the following main items:

• Refractory materials for the kiln lining
• Process air blowers with motors
• Electric, measuring and control system
• Firing system for natural gas, including the start-up burner equipment
• Hydraulic equipment
• Limestone skip hoist winch, including the appertaining electrical measuring and control equipment
• Waste gas filter