Maerz Lime Kilns. Worldwide.

Economic efficiency

Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the PFR kiln, developed by Maerz, has become established worldwide. We are constantly working to further develop and optimise our kilns.

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We consider reducing emissions as our responsibility

Every combustion process produces emissions. Reducing these as much as possible is a constant challenge.

Our PFR kiln enables the simple use of renewable fuels to reduce CO2 emissions from combustion. On the one hand, this helps to protect the climate and, on the other hand,  to reduce the cost of the CO2 levies imposed in many countries.

In addition, with our new Maerz EcoKilns® we have developed a range of kilns which produce an extremely high concentration of CO2 in the off-gases, thus providing an excellent basis for use as a raw material for downstream processes or even for sequestration.

Raw materials - energy - emissions - as the technology leader in our sector, we face up to our responsibility - for more efficiency, profitability and climate protection.