Maerz Lime Kilns. Worldwide.

Economic efficiency

Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the PFR kiln, developed by Maerz, has become established worldwide. We are constantly working to further develop and optimise our kilns.

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Energy costs money

Burning lime is an energy-intensive process. And energy is expensive, especially fuels. That is where we come in.

Our Maerz PFR kiln works according to the regenerative principle. This makes it the undefeated champion of lime kilns in terms of heat consumption and allows the production of high and ultra-high reactive lime. The PFR kiln is the first choice for most quicklime applications.

In addition, the use of different fuels is easily possible. Thus, when fuel costs fluctuate, the more expensive fuel can quickly and easily be replaced by a less expensive one.

You also want to save electricity? Then perhaps high-pressure fans instead of rotary blowers are the right thing for you!