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Maerz lime kilns

We have been building kilns for the lime industry for over 60 years. The principle of the Maerz PFR kiln has become a classic.
Maerz sets standards in the lime industry.

The perfect kiln for your needs

With our kilns, you can produce all the product qualities you need to satisfy your customers.

Do you want to produce an ultra-high reactive lime, such as is used in the steel industry? Then our PFR kilns are the right choice for you!

You have a large clientele with many different applications (construction industry, water treatment, flue gas desulphurisation...)? Then choose a kiln from our PFR or HPS kiln series, for high or medium reactive lime.

If you want to produce hard-burnt lime, as required for the production of sand-lime bricks or aerated concrete, for example, then our HPS kilns are the right choice for you.

Would you also like to use the kiln exhaust gas for the production of PCC, soda or sugar, for example? Then we  recommend PFR or HPS kilns that are operated in oxyfuel mode.

Or are you looking for a future-proof investment where you can liquefy and further use/sequester the CO2 in the kiln off-gas in just a few steps? We have developed our Maerz EcoKiln® series for this purpose.

We also offer upgrade and conversion options so that you can, for example, make the most of your quarry by using small stone or produce a wide range of products with just one type of kiln.
You can find an overview of the options  here.

Many considerations go into choosing the right type of kiln. The best thing is to talk to us directly!

Our kiln models

For large production capacities we recommend PFR kilns with a circular shaft cross-section (the A series of Maerz EcoKilns® and the C series of classic kilns) and for medium or small production capacities PFR kilns with a direct crossover-channel ( the E series of classic kilns) or HPS single-shaft kilns (the B series of Maerz EcoKilns® and the S series of classic kilns).

Are you looking for a different type of kiln? Contact us!