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May 2019 issue of “Insight Lime” published


Industry 4.0 also has a significant impact on the lime industry. Although requirements may not be as extreme as insinuated in our cover photo, every lime plant will benefit from the new data mining and processing possibilities. We at Maerz believe, however, that the basis for a successful lime plant is still the lime kiln. Data processing may only assist and optimise kiln operation and overall performance. We expressed this view in a presentation we gave last fall at the International Lime Association’s Information Exchange Forum in Cape Town, which has been reprinted in this issue.

We would also like to introduce a very specific kiln to you, which Maerz built for Schaefer Kalk in Malaysia: this kiln is designed to operate at extremely high temperatures in order to produce a hard burnt lime to be used in very specific products of Schaefer Kalk.

And of course we present a selection of our most recent orders to keep you updated on the worldwide lime industry. We are proud that Maerz has been awarded the largest order in its history regarding kiln capacities: 5 × 800 tonnes per day kilns for Tangshan Gangyuan Metallurgical and Furnace Co., in their Laoting Plant in Hebei province, P.R. China, which is currently under construction and will be commissioned at the end of this year.

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