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Maerz at the ILA conference 2022 in Paris

Postponed for two years, due to Corona, the long-awaited International Lime Association conference took place in Paris from 12 to 14 October 2022 - in the very city where it was founded 50 + 2 years ago.

The conference was once again the ideal platform for an exchange of ideas on important topics for the lime industry. Presentations on safety and climate change were at the top of the list.

Maerz Ofenbau’s Head of Process Engineering, Patrick Bucher delivered a presentation on the latest developments in a kiln technology that is expected to play an important role in reducing the lime industry's CO2 emissions in the future. The new Maerz EcoKiln® series enriches the CO2 in the flue gas to over 90 %, so that the investment in downstream equipment for further treatment of the CO2 up to its liquefaction is lower than for conventional kilns, with a comparatively low CO2 concentration in the flue gas. This technology can be used for Maerz PFR kilns as well as for the single-shaft kilns of our HPS series.

The presentation met with great interest among lime plant operators, as the Maerz EcoKiln® represents the first kiln type of a new generation that can contribute significantly to the development of the lime industry towards climate neutrality through its revolutionary concept. In addition, this new kiln series is also a guarantee for future-proof investments, as it can gradually be upgraded from a conventionally operated lime kiln to Maerz EcoKiln® operation.

Links to our publications on which the presentation is based, can be found here and here.

Of course, the social aspect was not neglected at the ILA 50th anniversary! During a "birthday party" for the ILA, its President Paul Ellis took an entertaining look back at the founding days. The birthday cake was even cut by two people who have been members from the very beginning of ILA’s existence. It was a lovely celebration, especially after the long break and we are already looking forward to presenting our technical news at the next ILA conference!

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