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800 tpd Maerz PFR lime kiln’s commissioning was successfully completed in China

Commissioning of an 800 tpd Maerz PFR lime kiln built for Inner Mongolia Huaheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully completed on 12 April, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (China) Co. Lime Division and its partners. The kiln is operating with stable production values and consistently meets all warranted operational parameters.

This milestone accentuates Maerz' leadership in the Chinese lime industry. The exceptional technical expertise and comprehensive support provided by the commissioning team was highly valued by the customer and all other stakeholders. To overcome the challenges of the fluctuating calorific values of the gaseous fuel, the team employed advanced control techniques and provided extensive operator training. Innovatively, the kiln reuses its waste gas in the limestone drying process, improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. This project will promote a technological, intelligent and sustainable development in the carbide industry.

Maerz and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions are committed to supporting China's green transformation and CO₂ goals by providing innovative and environmentally friendly services. This successful project demonstrates the commitment to excellence and sustainability in the lime industry.

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