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Bangkok CaO Co., Ltd.,

Saraburi, about 100 km north of Bangkok, is a hot spot in the Thai lime industry.
One of the lime producers, Bangkok CaO Co. Ltd., has been a Maerz customer for many years and has now built its third kiln.
Bangkok CaO Factory 1, 150 t/d Maerz PFR kilns

Three Maerz kilns on two locations

The partnership between Maerz and Bangkok CaO dates back to 1996, when a 150tpd PFR kiln with waste oil firing was built at plant no. 1. Waste oil is a by-product of the car industry and is ideal to be used as fuel for the lime kilns. The kiln was fitted with a new kiln control system in 2010 and brought up to the latest technical standard.

In 2008, Bangkok CaO also built a 150 tpd PFR kiln at its other plant; this time using natural gas as fuel. Due to sharply rising natural gas prices, this kiln was also converted to firing with waste oil in 2016.

The third kiln is also a 150 tpd PFR kiln and stands right next to the first kiln from 1996. In January 2023, the kiln was successfully commissioned with waste oil - an important milestone for Bangkok CaO!

3 x E2
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Maerz PFR kilns with direct crossover channel
3 x 150 t/d
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