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Caleras San Juan SA,
Los Berros | Sarmiento, San Juan

Complete renovation and modernisation of the lime plant -
from the quarry to the kilns
Caleras San Juan Los Berros Maerz 300 t/d PFR kilns

Maerz kilns, crushing plant and petroleum coke mill

In 2016 and 2018, Caleras San Juan S.A., based in the province of San Juan, Argentina, placed orders with Maerz Ofenbau AG for two Maerz PFR lime shaft kilns, a stationary crushing plant and a roller mill for grinding petroleum coke at its lime plant in Los Berros.

The two new E5-type kilns each produce 300 t/d of quicklime or dolomite and can be operated either with natural gas or petroleum coke.

Financing the project was a particular challenge for all those involved: after several years of negotiations with various European credit institutions and the Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV), the contract for the first kiln was awarded in 2016 - this kiln has been operating successfully since 2018.

Caleras San Juan is pursuing a consistent growth strategy and has decided to build another Maerz kiln at the end of 2021, again with a 300 t/d production capacity. For this new investment, too, Caleras San Juan has entered into financing agreements with its proven partners. The construction of a fourth kiln is the next expansion step. Read an interview with the managing director and co-owner Raúl Cabanay.

3 x E5
Kiln type
Maerz PFR kiln with direct crossover-channel
3 x 300 t/d
Kiln capacity
Natural gas / petcoke