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Padre Bueno, Sarmiento

CEFAS, a leading lime producer in Argentina, was the trendsetter in the modernisation of a cluster of lime plants south of San Juan. Today a member of the Calidra Group, this plant continues to set standards.
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The first Maerz Finelime kiln in Argentina

In 2000, the Brandi family, the owners of the then CEFAS S.A., set their sights on a radical renewal of their plant: in order to make the most of the quarry with its exceptionally good lime quality, Maerz was commissioned with a 400/500 t/d Finelime® kiln - at that time using natural gas and petroleum coke as fuel, in order to be able to maintain a secure operation independent of the supply of natural gas even in winter.

Due to the political circumstances in Argentina, the project was severely delayed, but could be put into operation in 2009 with a grand opening celebration.

In 2016, CEFAS became a member of the Mexican Calidra Group, and growth continued apace: as early as 2017, the "little brother" to the first Maerz kiln was added: a 300 t/d PFR kiln of the E3 type, also equipped for firing with natural gas and petroleum coke.

During a visit to the plant on the occasion of the congress of the International Lime Association in Buenos Aires in 2018, an international audience was able to get an impression of one of the most modern lime plants in South America.

F3P / E3
Kiln types
Maerz Finelime kiln with refractory lining with pillars and Maerz PFR kiln with direct crossover-channel
400 / 300 t/d
Kiln capacities
Natural gas / petcoke