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Chememan Public Co., Ltd.,
Kangkoi, Saraburi

Chememan was founded in Thailand in 2003 and, after massive growth in other Southeast Asian countries, India and Australia, is now the largest lime producer in Asia with a capacity of over 1,000,000 t/a. A success story with Maerz kilns.
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A wide range of quicklime is produced with Maerz PFR and HPS kilns

The cooperation between Chememan and Maerz started in 2010: At that time, the first Maerz PFR kiln with a daily output of 150 t/d was built. Shortly after, Chememan invested in the expansion of its lime plant in Saraburi: in 2011, Maerz received the order for a 300 t/d PFR kiln.

Chememan continued to grow steadily and in 2015 a Maerz HPS kiln with a capacity of 200 t/d was built to meet the increasing demand for hard-burnt lime produced with this kiln. And of course, investments were also made on the soft-burning side: a new 300 t/d PFR kiln was added in 2015.

The success story continued in 2017 with the construction of another PFR kiln of the same design as in 2015; this was joined in 2018 by an HPS kiln - the twin brother of the first kiln. All the kilns are fired with solid fuels.

Chememan and Maerz were also partners for Chememan's investments in other countries: two 150 t/d Maerz PFR kilns, also fired with pulverised coal, were built for Easternbulk Lime Products Pvt., Ltd. in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India, in 2017 and 2020 respectively.
The success story continues.

E2 / E5 / S4
Kiln types
Maerz PFR kilns with direct crossover-channel and Maerz HPS kiln
150 / 300 / 200 t/d
Kiln capacities
Coal / petcoke