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Liuzhou Iron & Steel Company,
Liuzhou, Guangxi

Big, bigger, biggest: the lime kiln battery at the Lizhou Iron & Steel Group's steel plant breaks all standards: 11 Maerz PFR kilns, each with a production capacity of 600 t/d, are in service there.
Liuzhou Iron and Steel Maerz PFR kilns

The largest lime plant in China?

With an incredible production capacity of 6600 t/d, the integrated steelworks near the city of Liuzhou in the province of Guangxi in south-central China is probably the largest lime plant in the country. As is often the case in China, some of the kilns use a "waste product" from the steel plant, namely converter gas.

This makes the kilns extremely cost-effective to run and the converter gas is put to good use.

The success story began in 2007 with the construction of the first two kilns. It continued with one kiln from 2009, and from then on, almost every year, with two more kilns. In 2017 came the big hit: six coal-fired kilns were built in record time.

The first kiln was put into operation on 16 January 2019 at exactly 15:58 hours, a lucky Chinese number, and just in time for the Chinese New Year. After that, things continued in quick succession, culminating in the almost simultaneous commissioning of the last three kilns in June 2019. The lucky number seems to have worked!

11 x R4S
Kiln type
Maerz PFR kiln with ring channel and suspended cylinder
11 x 600 t/d
Kiln capacities
Coal / converter gas