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PFR Kiln in Netstal, Switzerland

In conversation with Dr. Konrad H. Marti,
Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

Lime has been quarried at the Kalkfabrik Netstal AG lime plant, Switzerland's only producer of white lime, since 1900. From the limestone quarry at Elggis in the Canton of Glarus, a geologically unique Swiss limestone deposit, a modern, efficient and sustainably successful company has developed over the course of almost 120 years. With a motivated and technically competent team and a wide range of outstanding product qualities of white lime as well as gravel and crushed stone, KFN continues to expand its market position.

  Kalkfabrik Netstal Konrad Marti

"Maerz simplified our decision with a very detailed and technically convincing pre-project as well. Competitors have not reached this level."

Dr Konrad H. Marti, Head of Corporate Development
and Member of the Executive Board
Canton of Glarus, Switzerland
PFR kiln E3F
Kiln type in operation
250 t/d
Production rate with natural gas

A strong partnership - for three decades

You have been working with Maerz Ofenbau AG for over 30 years. Why Maerz?

Maerz Ofenbau AG has established itself as a reliable partner for us over the past 30 years. We appreciate the technical know-how of the employees and the quick and uncomplicated feedback to our questions.

In your project, an existing PFR kiln was replaced by a further developed Maerz PFR kiln. Can you tell us how the decision-making process went?

We wanted to replace the existing Maerz PFR kiln after almost 30 years of use. Maerz was very convincing with the successor product. The further developed Maerz PFR kiln is not only state of the art in terms of energy efficiency, but has also integrated various technical improvements and innovations (better charging through rotary buckets,  external cooler). Maerz also simplified our decision with a very detailed and technically convincing pre-project. Competitors have not reached this level.

What advantages do you have from Maerz products and services?

The further developed Maerz PFR kiln as well as the technical control system are geared to our limestone, so that we can produce a very high-quality soft-burnt lime. We were also able to significantly improve our product quality, as the newly designed external cooler was able to reduce high-temperature recarbonisation to a minimum.

To what extent were your expectations met or - even better - exceeded?

The quality expectations mentioned at the beginning were fully met, whereby the innovation with the external cooler even exceeded our expectations.

How do you perceive  Maerz in terms of sustainability and innovation?

We perceive Maerz Ofenbau AG as an innovative partner, especially with regard to sustainability. Particularly worth mentioning is the saving of electrical energy with the use of high-pressure fans or the optimised PLC control.

At the moment, we are working together with Maerz Ofenbau AG and other partners on a new decarbonisation project where the right course can be set for the future.

What do you remember most about working with Maerz Ofenbau AG?

The Maerz team is extremely motivated and competent and supported us in every way.

We have fond memories of the uncomplicated cooperation during the commissioning phase of the kiln. We also very much appreciate the open communication and the great willingness to help with the rectification of defects, even after commissioning.