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The CO2 challenge

Climate change is becoming increasingly visible. With the further development of our kiln systems, we are making a contribution to reducing emissions and thus coming one step closer to the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 - climate-neutral by 2050.

green footprint

What to do with existing kilns?

When building a new kiln, the Maerz EcoKiln® is certainly the best option and a future-proof investment. But existing kilns can also be upgraded, by converting to oxyfuel firing, in such a way that they achieve a CO2 content in the off-gas of approx. 45 %.

Here is the flowsheet of an oxyfuel fired kiln:

This eliminates the need to install an expensive amine scrubber and allows the use of more cost-effective equipment such as a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system. This not only avoids handling potentially hazardous chemicals such as amines or potassium carbonate, but also significantly reduces operating costs.