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Laboratory analyses

It's all about the chemistry!


Solid fuels - versatile and economical

Solid fuels are among the most commonly used fuels in Maerz kilns. The use of biomass has increased continuously in recent years.  Fuel has a great influence on the product quality and the kiln process and therefore deserves to be examined more closely. 

We analyse your solid fuel for all parameters that are important for kiln operation. You will receive a detailed report that also confirms the suitability of the fuel for operation in a Maerz kiln.

We offer the following analyses for solid fuels in our in-house laboratory facilities:

  • Upper and lower calorific value
  • Chemical composition (C, H, S, N, ash)
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) with air and nitrogen
  • Determination of oily residues in petroleum coke (Toluen extraction)
  • Hardgrove index (HGI) for petroleum coke
  • Free swelling index (FSI) for hard coal
  • Petrographic analysis for hard coal
  • Screen analysis and bulk density for ground biomass