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Maerz lime kilns

We have been building kilns for the lime industry for over 60 years. The principle of the Maerz PFR kiln has become a classic.
Maerz sets standards in the lime industry.

The optimal complement:
the Maerz HPS kiln

For some applications in the lime industry, a quicklime with medium or low reactivity is required. In these cases, smaller kiln capacities are often sufficient. This is precisely why we have developed the Maerz HPS kiln (High Performance Shaft Kiln) for production rates of 100, 150 and 200 tpd: a compact single-shaft kiln that operates on the counterflow principle and into which the fuel is fed at the lower end of the burning zone via radially displaceable burner lances. These extend far into the material bed and thus ensure that the heat is optimally distributed over the entire shaft cross-section.

The HPS kiln also forms the basis for the Maerz EcoKilns® with a lower production rate.

If the HPS kilns are designed in a special way, their continuous off-gas flow can also be enriched, without oxyfuel firing, to a CO2 content that enables their use,  for example, in the sugar industry.