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Maerz PFR kiln replaces rotary kiln in Oklahoma, USA

In conversation with Russell W. Riggs, United States Lime & Minerals

United States Lime & Minerals, Inc. (“US Lime”), which was incorporated in 1950, conducts its business primarily through its Lime and Limestone Operations segment.  The Company’s other operations relate to its natural gas interests.

The Lime and Limestone Operations manufactures lime and limestone products, supplying primarily the construction (including highway, road and building contractors), industrial (including paper and glass manufacturers), metals (including steel producers), environmental (including municipal sanitation and water treatment facilities and flue gas treatment processes), roof shingle manufacturers, agriculture (including poultry producers), and oil and gas services industries. US Lime is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and operates lime and limestone plants and distribution facilities in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Arkansas Lime Company, ART Quarry TRS LLC (DBA Carthage Crushed Limestone), Colorado Lime Company, Mill Creek Dolomite, LLC, Texas Lime Company, U.S. Lime Company, U.S. Lime Company-Shreveport, U.S. Lime Company-St. Clair and U.S. Lime Company-Transportation.

US Lime Russell Riggs

"In my 40 years in the lime industry I appreciated Maerz’ competence and the partnership with its team. Again, our new kiln in Oklahoma proved to be a success!"

Russell W. Riggs, Director Technical Services for United States Lime & Minerals, Inc.
St. Clair
Oklahoma, USA
PFR kiln C3F
Kiln type in operation
550 t/d
Production rate with natural gas / petcoke

A strong partnership - for three decades

You have decided to work with Maerz Ofenbau AG. Why Maerz?

U.S. Lime did an extensive, in-depth collaborative study over several years for an applicable lime kiln at their St. Clair Lime operation in Oklahoma, evaluating all available technologies from rotary kilns, rotary kilns with pre-heater, and vertical shaft kilns, to fit the unique geological limestone ore body. We concluded, that we were most comfortable selecting the Maerz Circular C3F PFR lime kiln.

In your project, an existing rotary kiln was replaced by a Maerz PFR kiln.
What was the story behind choosing our technology?

Having confidence working closely with Maerz for over 30 years with various vertical shaft kiln technologies, and Maerz’ technical expertise with PFR kilns applications all over the world, was the key in our evaluation process to select the right kiln type. The final decision was based on the continuous innovations on the design of Maerz PFR kilns over the years with respect to fuel flexibility, fuel economy and a wide range of stone utilization. We were convinced that Maerz’ experience would result in overall improvements on the kiln’s design and its geometry; even further increasing ease and simplicity of operation and minimizing maintenance work.

What benefits/advantages do you have from Maerz’ products and services?

Maerz represents an excellent technical team, with a global network of people who are highly capable and have a wealth of experience in the lime business, and is committed to working closely with U.S. Lime from start to finish. Furthermore, Maerz offers a wide range of vertical shaft kiln technologies to fit various and sometimes challenging limestone applications. You worked the project together with our team step by step, from initial stone testing, engineering design of concept, the construction phase and finally the full testing and commissioning of the kiln project. Maerz provided hands-on technical service engineers, who still today, more than two years after completion of the project, continue to work closely with us and are available for all questions our team may have or any support we need.

To what extent have your expectations been met or – even better – exceeded?

With any new kiln project and any new and advanced technological process, there are unexpected challenges along the way. We felt supported, and it was a pleasure to experience Maerz working closely, diligently and collectively to assist and meet our company’s needs.

How do you perceive Maerz in terms of sustainability and innovation?

Again, working with Maerz for over 30 years and having been in the industry for more than 40 years, I personally have been a part of the multitude of innovative technological advancements Maerz has developed over the decades. They continue to support and provide excellent technical services during and after completion, always challenging conventional solutions and thinking out of the box.

Looking back, what do you remember most about working with Maerz?

A new kiln project requires extensive research before realization, challenging and testing of technical proposals by all parties involved, and – to me most importantly – must be realised based on a willing and patient partnership along the way. Maerz fits the bill!