Maerz Lime Kilns. Worldwide.

Economic efficiency

Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the PFR kiln, developed by Maerz, has become established worldwide. We are constantly working to further develop and optimise our kilns.

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Good limestone is precious

To produce high quality quicklime, you need good limestone. And that is rare. The quarry is therefore one of the most important components of a lime plant. The highest possible proportion of the valuable resource "limestone" should be able to be used for the production of quicklime.

With a combination of different kiln types, the degree of utilisation of your quarry can be significantly increased. The diagram shows the whole range of usable stone sizes. With our Finelime® kilns, you can use smaller limestone without any problems, even at high production rates.

Usable lime stone sizes in Maerz kilns