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Spare parts

Even high-quality components have a limited lifespan. We are there for you - from procurement to import.

spare part

Burner lances for PFR kilns

We have designed our proven burner lances specifically to meet the needs of kiln operators. This enables you to achieve maximum service life for your PFR kilns and benefit directly by saving both resources and costs.

We supply complete lances or only the lance tips (wear parts), which you can easily weld yourself on site.

Our burner lances consist of the lance tip, which is made of a high-temperature resistant ferritic stainless steel (3) and the upper lance arc, which is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and can be easily machined and welded (1). The two materials are joined using a special friction welding process (2).

Our replacement lance tips (5) are fitted with a transition piece (4) which is made of AISI 304 stainless steel (1). This allows you to weld the replacement lance tips directly to the existing lance arcs at the factory without special equipment (6).

Burner lance management

This is how easy spare parts management is with our replacement lance tips in four simple steps:

Stock a full spare set of complete burner lances. This set only needs to be purchased once.

When the installed lances need to be renewed, replace them with the spare set. This minimises kiln downtime.

Order replacement lance tips via Maerz Ofenbau AG’s service department, which maintains the necessary material stock.

Replace the worn lance tips with the new replacement lance tips. Thanks to the transition piece, you can carry out this maintenance work directly on site and without special equipment.

This way you have a full spare set of complete burner lances in stock again and are ready for the next change.

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