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Maerz lime kilns

We have been building kilns for the lime industry for over 60 years. The principle of the Maerz PFR kiln has become a classic.
Maerz sets standards in the lime industry.

Our flagship: the Maerz PFR kiln

The invention of the Maerz PFR kiln process was a big step towards increasing the efficiency of the lime burning process. With an efficiency of 85 % of the heat energy used, the PFR process is still unbeaten today.

We have continuously developed our PFR kilns based on our experience and technical innovations and offer this kiln in two series.

Maerz C series

Our C series is the further development of our classic circular kilns, which are used for production capacities of 300 to 800 tpd: a ring channel ensures that even with large shaft cross-sections, the fuel gases can flow into this ring channel evenly distributed over the circumference of the inner cylinder. This ensures a uniform heat distribution over the kiln cross-section and guarantees a high quality of quicklime.

The kiln's charging system has been further optimised and, thanks to an intelligent distribution system, allows the simultaneous use of several grain sizes in order to optimise the utilisation of the quarry.

In addition, the layout of this new series of kilns is modular, so that the addition of further fuels is possible without any problems and without significant adjustments to the existing installation.

These kilns also form the basis for our Maerz EcoKilns® A series, in their design as PFR kilns.

Maerz E series

The E series is designed for production rates between 100 and 400 tpd. Their geometry, with the direct cross-over channel between the two shafts, requires less steel and refractory material than circular kilns and has been optimised with respect to investment costs.

In these kilns, too, not only can the quality of the quicklime be optimised by means of a special charging process, but - as in the circular kiln - several grain sizes can optionally be used at the same time.

Another expansion option is the installation of an external cooler under the discharge hopper, so that the residual CO2 content of the quicklime can be reduced and thus the product quality can be increased even further to meet the highest demands.

In the E kiln, it is also possible to burn the lime harder by installing additional side burners under the cross-over channel, thus significantly lowering its reactivity. We call this kiln a "hybrid kiln" - it gives you the flexibility to produce different types of quicklime with just one kiln.

Conversions of existing kilns

To further increase the efficiency of your kilns, there are many possibilities for plant conversions. Especially with regard to sustainability and CO2 emissions, you can not only switch to biomass as fuel, but can also save a significant amount of electrical energy by converting existing blowers to high-pressure fans.

Upgrading existing kilns to oxyfuel firing allows the CO2 content in the kiln off-gas to be significantly increased, so that the downstream equipment for enriching and liquefying the CO2 for further use/sequestration becomes simpler and thus more cost-effective in terms of investment and operation.