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Laboratory analyses

It's all about the chemistry!


No two stones are alike

No parameter determines the kiln process and the end product as much as the quality of your stone. Whether limestone or dolomite, we examine your raw material and provide you with information on whether and how you can burn this stone in your Maerz kiln.

All our analyses are carried out in accordance with current standards or other methods commonly used in the lime industry. You will receive a detailed report that also confirms the suitability of the stone for use in a Maerz kiln.

We offer the following stone tests in our in-house laboratory facilities:

  • Loss on Ignition (LoI)
  • Bulk density (raw stone and lime) and maximum water absorption (stone)
  • Determination of the settleable solids of the raw material
  • Chemical composition by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and CHS analysis
  • Determination of organic components
  • Burning test at predefined temperatures
  • Reactivity (according to DIN EN 459-2, ASTM C-110 or coarse grain titration)
  • Available Lime (AVL)
  • Mechanical stability of the burnt product (shatter and decrepitation test)