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Grupo Regio Cal S.A de C.V.,
Garcia, Monterrey

Two Maerz HPS kilns for Mexico. Two Maerz HPS kilns for Grupo Regio Cal.
The second HPS kiln was commissioned at the beginning of 2024.
The success story continues.
Grupo Regio Cal Maerz HPS-Öfen

Grupo Regio Cal and Maerz HPS kilns

In 2017, the first HPS kiln was commissioned in Mexico together with Regio Cal. The reliable technology was convincing right from the start. The increasing demand for burnt lime has confirmed Regio Cal's strategy.

Both kilns are designed for a daily output of 200 tons per day and are operated with natural gas. The production capacity of the second kiln can even be increased to 250 tons per day. A result that can be attributed to the good co-operation between Maerz and Regio Cal.

Regio Cal is pursuing a consistent growth strategy and Maerz is supporting and advising the company in this endeavour. Together we are breaking new ground. The construction of the second kiln is an example of how technological and commercial boundaries can be expanded within the scope of a project.

A close customer relationship has developed over the years. We are very proud of this. It is in line with our mission statement: to support and advise customers throughout the entire life cycle of a system.

2 x S3
Kiln types
Maerz HPS kilns
2 x 200 t/d
Kiln capacities
Natural Gas