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Lhoist (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.,
Tapah, Perak

With this completely new lime plant near Ipoh, the Belgian Lhoist Group set a strategic course in the Asian lime market. Maerz supplied the lime kilns for it.
Lhoist Tapah 600 t/d Maerz PFR kilns stone

A lime plant on a greenfield site

Lhoist Group, one of the world's leading lime producers, one of Maerz Ofenbau AG's oldest customers and certainly the operator of most of the world's Maerz kilns, again chose Maerz as a partner in 2014 for its completely new planned lime plant in Tapah in Perak province.

Two kilns, each with a capacity of 600 t/d and fired with pulverised lignite, were to be built - and the entire lime plant as well. A major project in which good partnership and smooth cooperation are essential.

After a record short construction period, Kiln No. 1 was commissioned in April 2017 and Kiln No. 2 in May 2017.

"As a proud industrial company, Lhoist is aiming for significant growth in Asia over the next five years and the new plant in Tapah is crucial to our growth plans in this region" said Baron Jean-Pierre Berghmans, Chairman of the Lhoist Group, at the opening ceremony.

2 x R4S
Kiln types
Maerz PFR kilns with ring channel and suspended cylinder
600 t/d
Kiln capacity