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Mexicana de Cobre S.A. de C.V.,
Agua Prieta, Sonora

Grupo México, the holding company of Mexicana de Cobre, is the largest producer of copper in Mexico and one of the largest in the world. And lime is needed for the processing of copper ores.
Mexicana de Cobre Agua Prieta Maerz PFR kilns aerial view

Maerz kiln no. 3 is in operation

Not far from the Sonora desert, in the Mexican state of the same name, two 300/400 t/d Maerz Finelime® kilns from 2009 and 2014 produce quicklime to the complete satisfaction of their owner Mexicana de Cobre. In 2019, the customer demonstrated its confidence in Maerz technology by ordering a third Maerz kiln for its lime plant.

For the third kiln of the type R4S with a production rate of 660 t/d quicklime, the capacities of the quarry and the stone feed as well as the silo facility for the quicklime also had to be adjusted - a particularly challenging issue in the environment of the onset of the Corona pandemic.

Only after some delay could the construction site be set up and from the very beginning the strictest attention was paid to the health protection of the Mexicana de Cobre staff and the construction companies involved. The smooth progress of the construction work has confirmed the correctness of these precautionary measures.

The kiln was put into operation in the summer of 2022 - the changeover of the stone supply also took place without any problems and without any major interruption to the operation of the other two kilns. Since then, the kiln has continuously produced quicklime in the required quality and quantity. The third success story with Maerz kilns at Mexicana de Cobre!

2 x F2S / R4S
Kiln types
Two Maerz Finelime kilns and Maerz PFR kiln with ring channel and suspended cylinder
400 / 600 t/d
Kiln capacities
Natural gas