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Kalkfabrik Netstal AG,
Netstal, canton of Glarus

As early as 1992, the Kalkfabrik Netstal built its first 200 t/d Maerz PFR kiln.
Recently, a 250 t/d kiln was added for the very highest product demands.
Kalkfabrik Netstal panoramic view

Maerz kiln No. 2

Kalkfabrik Netstal AG in Netstal in the canton of Glarus is the only lime plant in Switzerland and was founded as early as 1900. It offers a wide range of burnt and unburnt products as well as hydrated lime.

In 1992, the first Maerz PFR kiln was built with a capacity of 200 t/d - at that time still fired with heavy fuel oil. In 2012, the kiln was converted to run on natural gas.

In 2018, the first talks began with the management and owners of the Kalkfabrik Netstal about the construction of another Maerz kiln, which should make it possible to produce lime with a particularly low residual CO2 content.

Maerz has used an external cooler for the first time here - in addition to the completely newly developed charging of the kiln with the help of a travelling rotary bucket. With lime from this kiln, Kalkfabrik Netstal can now easily meet the high demands placed on its products for use in the food industry.

Read also an interview with Konrad H. Marti, member of the management board of Kalkfabrik Netstal.

Kiln type
Maerz PFR kiln with direct crossover-channel and external cooler for highest product quality
250 t/d
Kiln capacity
Natural gas