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Cal Química Mexicana,
Los Matías, S.L.P.

This lime plant near San Luis Potosí belongs to the Caldira Group, the largest lime producer in Mexico. Cal Química Mexicana has been using Maerz kilns since 1994.
Cal Quimica Mexicana San Luis Potosi Maerz PFR kilns panoramic view

Optimal use of the quarry with Maerz Finelime kiln

The first kiln was built in 1994 with a capacity of 400 t/d using heavy oil as fuel. A good 10 years later, felxibility was again required for the fuels used and a firing system for petroleum coke dust was additionally installed.

By 2004, however, Calidra had already decided to build a new Maerz-Finelime® kiln in order to be able to use more limestone from the quarry: this kiln had a capacity of 300 t/d with small stone or could also be used flexibly with larger stone at a capacity of 400 t/d.

In 2010, the starting signal was given for the next step in the expansion of the plant: Calidra invested in the future of the plant with a 600 t/d PFR kiln of the type R4S and the modernisation of the limestone feed. Again, this project also involved flexibility in the use of fuels - the kiln can be operated with either petroleum coke or charcoal.

R2P / F2S / R4S
Kiln types
Maerz PFR kiln with ring channel and refractory lining with pillars, Maerz Finelime kiln with suspended cylinder and Maerz PFR kiln with ring channel and suspended cylinder
400 / 300 / 600 t/d
Kiln capacities
Heavy oil / petcoke / charcoal