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Celco S.A.,
Corbu, Constanța

Celco has been a specialist in the production of aerated concrete for over 45 years. In the 2000s, the company added its own lime production.
Celco Constanta Maerz HPSand PFR kilns panoramic view

A factory for aerated concrete needs lime - above all hard burnt lime

Since 1973, the factory for the production of aerated concrete has been located near Constanța, close to the coast of the Black Sea. After privatisation in 1987, the plant was constantly developed and modernised. 

In 2005, the management decided to enter the production of quicklime - both for its own needs and for the Romanian market. In 2007, the time had come: the most modern lime plant in Romania successfully went into operation with a 200 t/d natural gas-fired Maerz PFR kiln.

In 2013, Celco placed an order for an HPS kiln for 150 t/d (fired with natural gas) - this kiln was to produce the hard burnt lime for aerated concrete production. A short time later, the flexible use of fuels was in demand and Maerz added a firing system for solid fuels.

Since then, the kilns have been running like clockwork and ensure that Celco is supplied with quicklime for its production.

E3 / H3
Kiln types
Maerz PFR kiln with direct crossover-channel and Maerz HPS kiln for the production of lime with variable reactivity
200 / 150 t/d
Kiln capacities
Natural gas / coal / petcoke