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Construction progress in Spain  
Maerz Ofenbau AG PFR kiln C2F C-series Major progress in the construction of the first C2F kiln project
ZKG issue 6 / 2021  
Maerz EcoKiln …d our publication "Sustainable lime burning technology from Maerz"
The EcoKilns concept  
… Why Maerz EcoKilns® ? To date, when dealing with lime kilns, there was always consideration about optimising the…
CemCat SCR plants  
…The less the better Under the CemCat® brand, Maerz offers systems for reducing NOx emissions to one tenth of the NOx…
A new generation of lime kilns  
… Even in modern energy-saving kilns such as the Maerz-PFR kilns,  approx. 1 t of CO2 emissions are…
New kiln alive in the US  
Lhoist Montevallo 600 t/d Maerz PFR kiln inauguration Startup of Lhoist's new kiln in Montevallo, Alabama, USA
New contract signed for Libya  
New lime kiln modernisation project at the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, LISCO
Maerz external cooler- for lime with the highest quality demands Maerz has developed a patented process to further…
Kiln Audit and Training at the Cbb Cales Lime Plant in Jáchal, Argentina  
Audit MAERZ CBB Jachal Argentina lance plattform Maerz Ofenbau AG has supported Cbb Cales by conducting a combined kiln audit and training at their Jáchal lime plant in…
Lime in everyday life  
… of lime. Lime also plays a role in conventional newspaper reading, because it is the basis for the…
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