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Save electricity with PFR kilns

Maerz PFR kilns have the highest thermal efficiency of all kiln types and are also pioneers in the lime industry's efforts to achieve climate neutrality or even become a carbon dioxide sink, through the use of renewable fuels and the new Maerz EcoKiln® technology.

Electricity consumption can however be optimised further, thus further protecting the climate when using electricity produced with fossil fuels. A new generation of high-pressure fans saves up to 20 % of electrical energy consumption compared to the rotary piston blowers used so far.

Maerz has used this technology in a plant of the Mexican Calidra Group and the operating results have fully met expectations. Calidra and Maerz have also published an article on this in Zement Kalk Gips, which you can find here.

The advantage of the high-pressure fans is that existing kilns can also be converted to the new technology. Depending on the cost of electricity, this investment can pay for itself quickly, so that - in addition to the environmental benefits - you can also derive immediate economic advantages from such a conversion.

We would be happy to review the potential for savings with you - please contact our service department at

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