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Inspection of the refractory lining in a PFR kiln

To ensure smooth kiln operation, the condition of the refractory lining of a kiln should be inspected periodically. For a comprehensive inspection, the kiln still has to be shut down and emptied. Maerz Ofenbau has developed a system to perform a partial inspection on a running kiln, especially in the ring channel, without emptying and cooling the kiln. A special water-cooled camera is used for this purpose.

In mid-June 2023, one of these cameras was successfully used at two locations of our customer Grupo CALIDRA in Mexico.

Based on the images obtained during a camera inspection, the current condition of suspension cylinder footstones or pillars can be well assessed. Predictive maintenance helps avoid unplanned and lengthy kiln stops due to damage to the refractory lining.  

Thanks to the user-friendly design developed by Maerz, the operating personnel were already able to conduct the inspection of the refractory lining after a brief introduction by Maerz engineers.


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